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Alessandra Desiderio

Founder & Lead Project Manager
Alessandra Desiderio is the Founder, lead project manager, and strategist at Fiore3 Consulting. Her position has her communicate and support the implementation of client strategy internally and externally so that all employees, partners, suppliers, and contractors understand the plan and how it carries out the company's overall goals. Aley thrives in helping businesses accomplish dynamic goals set with intention and is responsible for ensuring that the execution of the strategy supports the strategy elements for Fiore3 Consulting clients.

Aida Alcover

Admin & Social Media Support
Aida Alcover is Fiore3 Consulting's lead researcher and contributes to client analysis projects. Aida loves learning new things and taking on challenges. In addition to helping secure the market information needed for clients to thrive, Aida supports Fiore3 Marketing projects with social media and lead generation.

Alina Rehman

Communication Director & Process Manager
Alina Rehman is the team member responsible for executing and sustaining visual corporate strategic initiatives at Fiore3 Consulting. Alina's expertise lies in reviewing key strategic priorities and translating them into a comprehensive strategic plan. She supports Fiore3 Consulting clients with streamlined process implementation that helps their teams move forward.

Aroosa Khan

Web Developer & Technical Support
Aroosa Khan is Fiore3 Consulting's multi-disciplinary visual communication designer. She is passionate about connecting interactions between user and machine and has experience with front-end web communications, visual and graphic design. Aroosa helps clients develop their brand identity and web design.

Musa Mumtaz

WordPress Web Developer
Musa Mumtaz is Fiore3 Consulting's web designer and web developer that specializes in creating custom websites and marketing packages for small and medium businesses. He is dedicated to educating Fiore3 Consulting clients about their brand development options and presenting the best ways to delight and inform their audience.