Drive LinkedIn Traffic

Beep Beep: Drive LinkedIn Traffic

The success, growth, and productivity of any business is hugely dependent on its ability to generate sales from quality internet traffic continually. It doesn’t matter if you do business online, sell your product in an online marketplace, or keep a webpage – people are looking at how you show up in their devices. Social media platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest generate millions of dollars in sales from and for companies with their advertising services.

Beep Beep: Drive LinkedIn Traffic

The only business platform with an international presence, LinkedIn is one of the friendliest platforms to drive organic traffic. You don’t need to pay for or trade information for clients to buy from or visit you on the LinkedIn platform, and you don’t need to spend tons of money on advertising. Instead, you can generate inquiries and interest naturally from the quality of your goods and services, your and customer posts to platforms, groups, and individual pages.

Beep Beep: Drive LinkedIn Traffic

LinkedIn is a social media platform for professionals and features a business-driven marketplace and connection portal. Users find entertaining content, but it’s driven more towards being informative and connecting you or your business to resources. LinkedIn, like most startups, started with a simpler version of what it is today. It was once a job board, then expanded its capability to serve millions of professionals.

Beep Beep: Drive LinkedIn Traffic

New to LinkedIn or looking for new ways to grow your pipeline, test your sales process, or find the talent to skyrocket your efforts? 

Try one of these six proven ways you can drive traffic from LinkedIn:

Beep Beep: Drive LinkedIn Traffic

1.  Do the ENTIRE profile.

Completed profiles get more traction on LinkedIn’s platform. Most social networking platforms will prompt you to complete the pattern, but because LinkedIn is used for job seeking and connecting, it promotes completed profiles more than some others.

2. Post Articles

Posting an article on LinkedIn that gets a lot of views from your followers is an excellent way to start showcasing your brand. Pick a topic you’re passionate about, head over to Grammarly for help writing it, then post the article, but don’t forget to set up a creative status update to notify your connections and followers! As your blog gains more readers, it has a better chance of being shared and highlighted in LinkedIn public feeds.

3. Target your audiences with groups

By creating a group on LinkedIn and inviting people in your target market, you can find creative ways to share resources and advertise without being too offensive or direct and losing the connection. You can also use LinkedIn groups to create test groups that may be interested in your niche product or service and willing to give you pointed feedback.

4. Use Inmail to the fullest

Search for people or groups by keyword and send invitations directly with Inmail messages. Everyone gets some Inmail, but not premium members get more. Try active and not to overpost adverts. Never post spam, and if your account is compromised, make sure you message group admins to inquire about the damage. Relate well to others in the group and provide useful content, because your genuine connections make group members want to visit your business, page, or blog.

5. Boost and Grow your Network

The network you own is your LinkedIn connections. These people are your followers and can be genuinely grown through other relationships and the groups you join, and how interactive you are in them. Grow your list of connections authentically and followers to get much more organic traffic and to direct people to your page. Are you going to a business networking event? A great way to keep track of the people you met is to use the Bluetooth feature of “nearby people” and connecting with them on LinkedIn at the event.

6. Keep the Audience with the Right Posts

The fastest way to kill off any potential marketing edge through organic reach from your posts is to make life uncomfortable for your audience by posting many adverts in your content. They will get tired and leave faster than a rocket full of monkeys. Post content that is helpful to your audience while carefully adding a link that leads to your business page. Keep a library bank of content in Asana or Slack, or find a library system that works for you.  Being organized with your content and knowledge will demonstrate more to your clients and for your brand than you can do alone with words because we all know it’s true: actions always speak louder.

If you’re struggling to get your brand recognized or create the materials needed to launch your business into the market, Fiore3 Consulting can help. Send us a message and let us know how we can help with your growing your brand on Linkedin or beyond here.

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