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COVID Survival Stories: Christy Abram

We’re featuring businesses in our Fiore3 Mentor Group that have overcome, pivoted, and hung on for dear life during the pandemic.

This is a guest blog from a member of our Fiore3 Mentor Group Christy Abram.

It’s funny how easy it is to take things for granted. Before COVID hit, I was spearheading communications for a nonprofit and serving as Creative Director for my self-care initiative, Brown Girls Write.

COVID is especially detrimental to me because a majority of my work is in schools and with groups of women. Like many, there was fear of catching the disease that’s killed thousands of people. So, my small yet important nonprofit had to rest.

For several weeks, I struggled with not having enough to do. My mind wandered, and anxiety set in, as I pondered how to make ends meet. While watching YouTube, I came across a tutorial about Orgone pyramids. The process was fascinating, but I was reluctant—mostly because I’d never created anything from resin, but I was up for the challenge.

After watching countless videos, I mustered up the courage to purchase the molds and materials needed to make my first pyramid. The process was long and arduous, but the result was beautiful. One challenge is it takes a full day, sometimes more, to make a pyramid, which meant more time creating and less profit.

I returned to YouTube, this time looking for “how-to” videos to make pendants. I figured pendants would be easier to make, and my materials will cost less. I found a lovely video, jotted some notes, and hurried to Etsy to purchase supplies.

It took a few days for my order to arrive, but I was stoked. I stayed up all night playing with resin, gemstones, and metal until I birthed something special—a copper filled pendant with adorable clock pieces. It was my first, and like a proud mama, I could hardly contain myself.

COVID Survival Stories - Christy Abram Quote

It’s been two weeks since I made my first Orgone pendant. So far, I’ve made ten pieces and sold two, but each time I am more confident and creative. My entire career was hinged on helping clients market their products, tell their stories, and develop unique brands. I’d never dreamed of becoming a jewelry maker. I guess the Universe had other plans. So I’ve launched #TheGoddessShop in an effort to follow my new path.

COVID has taken loved ones, livelihoods, and caused an immense amount of stress to our bodies and the economy; however. I see it as a time of rebirth. The COVID pandemic has pushed me to discover parts of myself I didn’t know existed. I’ve always been a creative person, but I never took my crafts seriously. Now, I’ll be sharing my craft with my family, friends, and network and I’m really excited. I just launched a new page and have plans for expansion.

For those searching for solace, my advice is to dig deep. These are the times to trust your intuition and allow your inner muse to guide you. Turn your passion into a business. Look at COVID as a pathway to a new journey. Dream big. You’ve got this! 

I believe in you, now believe in yourself.

COVID Survival Stories - Christy Abram Quote

Christy Abram is a member of the Fiore3 Mentorship Group on Facebook. For more tips, advice, and collaboration for entrepreneurs, visit the group here.

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You can reach Christy at Etsy or IG.

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