Fiore3 Consulting

We can support your business with the precise tools for your growth stage.

Looking to shift your business into the next gear?

We've worked with all kinds of companies to support their needs.

  • Human Resources
  • Sales and Outreach
  • Growth Strategy
  • Community Affairs
  • Nonprofit Development

We can support your team’s training and development, by supporting you in creating an environment where they feel supported in their own growth, and it’s reflected in their benefits, schedule, and impact.

What can we help you with:

  • Strategies to maximize your existing HR structures
  • Support in handling ineffective or inefficient existing resources
  • Management around too little time on one or more HR issue
  • Creating human resource platforms and systems for your business
  • Identifying company cultures, values, and ways to support employee engagement

Closing sales and getting your business the attention that it deserves doesn’t have to be hard. With support and coaching around overcoming objections, setting client expectations, and more, we can develop your team’s strengths together.

Together we’ll evaluate the content and tactics your sales team is using to create authentic connection with your customers. By pushing through 

objections, exploring your sales culture, and making sure your customers and representatives feel heard, we can partner to have your entire team be the consistent performers your business needs.

Together we will develop the road map for success. We specialize in business, marketing, outreach, political, and nonprofit planning.

We have experience using a variety of business tools and strategies that can support your team in being the most effective it’s ever been.

Some of our tools:


·        Creating a road map for your organization, your people, and your impact


·        Scaling your ideas, products, and business to reach your target markets or investors


·        Diversification strategies and potential new products or services for your business


·        Acquisition and exit support: preparing you and your staff for the next steps



Our experience of working with varied groups of people extends from presidents of civic associations to political, community, and business leaders that shape our communities. We develop strategies that work.

An effective outreach strategy requires consistency and the ability to authentically connect with people about their needs. The Desi Group has been recognized by small businesses, nonprofits, and corporations to represent their ideals, identify their needs, and develop relationships with key stakeholders and sponsors for policy and community projects

We have experience working with grant writing, board development and startup, donor and fundraising strategies, and communication training.

·       We’ll grow your reach and relationships in the community


·       We’ll teach you how to harness your entire organization’s network


·       We’ll show you how easy fundraising can be when you can share you impact effectively

Our nonprofit clients have raised over $10 million working with us to expand their organizations and programming. They’ve launched new programs and reached new audiences. We have proven strategies for impact – what does your nonprofit need?

Platforms we are Certified Partners

We can support you with on-boarding or customize a solution to fit your needs.

Business strategies that work.

When business owners and corporate managers ask us
“Can you help us design…create…or implement…?”
We say yes!


  • We work with our clients to examine their brand and impact while demonstrating the individual power of their team members.
  • We teach your team how to create, implement, and edit their own forms and processes.
  • We’ll introduce long term tools for your team to use so that their jobs and lives at work are happier and simpler.
  • We can improve the structure and the morale of your team with materials and coaching that works.

Questions about what other types of structures or businesses we’ve supported?